Michael's Daily Wisdom



In our daily lives, we share our lifestyle to our loved ones and other people we know for our own enjoyment. Although it is great to share our life with others, it is also good to use wisdom and discernment to know which group of people to share your life with. In Proverbs 2: 11, the scripture tells us that “discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you,” meaning we should avoid sharing information with others and by using wisdom, it will protect us in our life. As God’s people, we need to be cautious of how we share our information with other people and use wisdom to protect ourselves from danger.

What we need to do is avoid strangers when they come to you and ask about your daily life and the only thing we should be saying to them is “what is it to you?” Our private life is only for us to enjoy because when you share information regarding your lifestyle towards others, you will not be able to enjoy every moment of your life. So, my dear friends, remember to use wisdom in whatever you do and be careful when sharing your life with people. Do not be ignorant and still share your life anyway just for the fun of it. Have an understanding heart and protect yourself.

Remember, God will bless you more abundantly!


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