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In our everyday lives, we would show love and admiration to our parents or other people we look up to, by taking the instructions they gave us growing up so we can become better individuals. Other times, we show disrespect and defiance towards our parents for correcting us for our bad behaviors and as a result, we do not get what we want in life. Other than obeying our parents, the person we should really be obeying right now is God himself. In John 14:15, the scripture tells us that “if you love me, you will keep my commandments,” meaning if we love God and obey his commands, we will have prosperity and long life. This statement is similar to obeying our parents because if we obey them, we will have the same outcome.

As God’s people, we should come before God with a humble spirit and show him our obedience, which is required. What we should do now is show God and our parents the proper respect and start by obeying his daily commands, so that we and our descendants may be blessed. So, my dear friends, it is important that we show obedience to God and to our parents, for it is the right thing to do, not treating them with our bad behaviors.

Remember, God will bless you more abundantly!


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