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God Is Merciful


God being merciful to us basically means that when we deserve His punishment, He does not only punish us but instead, He bless us. Throughout the Bible, God gives many illustrations of His mercy. God fully demonstrates His mercy in His beloved son, Jesus Christ. God was merciful to King Solomon in 1 Kings 11:13, where God showed mercy towards Solomon when He did not take away the whole kingdom from Solomon, and will instead give it to one of the tribes of his father King David for the sake of Jerusalem, which God has chosen.

Another illustration of God’s mercy is found in Matthew 18:23–27. In this parable, Jesus describes a rich ruler who was owed a large sum of money. The ruler ordered that money be collected, but then the debtor came and begged for mercy.

The ruler, in turn, graciously forgives the debtor. Here is the point: we owed God a debt we could never repay, and He has freely forgiven us that debt in Christ! Interestingly, after the ruler in the parable forgives the debt, the person who owed the money refuses to forgive someone else. The ruler then judges that ungrateful person. God requires us to be merciful and forgiving to others here on earth (see Matthew 6:15).
We who have been forgiven so much, have no right to withhold forgiveness from others. Because of His love for us, God wants us to be with Him. His mercy is required for that to take place, which is an inseparable connection between God’s love and mercy.
Jesus laid down His life and became the sacrificial lamb (Isaiah 53:7; John 1:29) so that God’s mercy could be extended to us. Instead of punishing us for our sins, God allowed His Son to take the condemnation of this world in our place. That is the ultimate act of God’s mercy.
So, my dear friends, I challenge you to graciously forgive each other and show endless mercy as God showed His mercy towards us. Never feel ashamed about how you look or act in front of other people. Be the light of the world and never lose sight of your purpose. God is always watching our every move and we should be more mindful of how we treat each other daily.
Thank you for reading this post and stay tuned for more!
Remember, God will bless you more abundantly!
God Bless!

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